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Hello, I'm Chris Mahoney and welcome to my website.

On this web site you will find pages related to my genealogical research, links to other genealogy sites, various lookups of records available and the pages to various mailing lists that I am the administrator for.

My complete family tree is available on line and is located at


A Little About Me

Currently a little off the usual tourist trail. Some photos of what I have been up to recently


This one showing the view out the backyard of where I am staying.


This next one is of a regular visitor at meal time, one Yellow Billed Hornbill, there are usually several of them, and will take food off our plates if not careful.


And this next photo is what is located in a nearby field.


Will be a while before more related photos appear, the camera I had became damaged beyond repair, and has been disposed off. As it was, the camera was not up to the job of taking some of the photos I wanted. Obtaining another one is not a priority at this time. 

More to come, sometime.




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