David BARRY was born about 1816 in Ireland and was married to Johanna.  

There is only one known child of David and Johanna, and that is Andrew.  Andrew BARRY was born about 1838 in Cashel, Tipperary, Ireland and died on 15 October 1882 in Marlborough, Queensland and was buried that day.  He was a roading contractor.  

On 5 November 1862, Andrew married Bridget WELSH (WALSH on the marriage registers) at the Catholic Church in Cashel, Tipperary, Ireland.  Witness's at the wedding included a Mary WALSH

Bridget WELSH was born about 1843 in Cashel, Tipperary, Ireland to John WALSH, and Margaret LONERGAN of Main Street.  She was baptised as Bridget WALSH on 9 October 1843 in Cashel, Tipperary, sponsers of the baptisim were Pierce WALSH, and Anne LONERGAN.  Bridget died in an area of Sydney, Australia known as The Rocks on 7 July 1906

Andrew and Bridget emmigrated to Australia, leaving England in November 1862 on the Wanata, arriving in Moreton Bay, Queensland.

While in Queensland, they had four children.  These were:


Sometime about 1874, Bridget, with the three surviving children returned to Ireland for a short period, and while there, their next child was born.  He was:

Then on 22 June 1877 on the Indus, Bridget left Ireland with the four children and returned to Australia to rejoin Andrew.  After Bridget's return to Australia, they had another two children:

Bridget moved from Rockhampton about 1889 to Sydney, New South Wales, and at least some, but not all of her children came with her.  At the time of her death in 1906, she was living with her son, Michael in an area of Sydney known as The Rock.  Although she had moved states, Bridget still had ownership of the family home in Rockhampton at the time of her death.  Her youngest daughter, Catherine was living in the house during the 1890s.


John BARRY  (Sometimes known as Peter)

John James BARRY was born on 14 July 1878 in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.  He married Mabel Sarah Ann REDWOOD on 16 June 1909 at St Barnabas Anglican Church, Sydney, and at the time he was a Ship's Purser.  John died on 5 February 1967 in Sydney, New South Wales, and buried in the Church of England Cemetery at Waverley, New South Wales on 8 February 1967.

One story that is told about John is that he did not like any means of transport and often walked everywhere.  This included walking from Rockhampton to Sydney when the family moved there.

His wife, Mabel was born on 15 May 1889 in South Brisbane, Queensland.  She died at the hospital at Balmain, New South Wales on 6 Dec 1965, and buried with her husband on 8 December 1965.

John and Mabel had twelve children.  They were:

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Catherine Barry

Catherine Elizabeth BARRY was born on 30 August 1880 in Rockhampton, Queensland, and married Thomas EVANS on 17 January 1902 in Rockhampton, Queensland.

Thomas EVANS was born on 4 February 1866 in Hoarwithy, Hereford, England to Milson EVANS and Mary Ann WATKINS and emmigrated to Austrlia on 11  January  1886 on the Duke of Westminister.

They had thirteen children, six boys and seven girls, most of who are beleived to be still living, so their details have been ommitted.  The only one confirmed dead is listed below:

(Jean Heather EVANS)

Catherine died on 2 March 1957 in Rockhampton, Queensland, and was buried in the North Rockhampton Cemetery three days latter.  Thomas EVANS died on 9 November 1924 in Mount Morgan, Queensland and was buried in the Mount Morgan Cemetery the next day.  

(Catherine BARRY)

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