Richard EVANS was born about 1788 in Hentham, Hereford, England.  His wife, Martha was born about 1795 in Little Birch, Hereford, England.  Three known children, Thomas, Charlotte (born about 1826), and Emma (born about 1828 and married to John JONES)

Thomas EVANS, son of Richard and Martha, was baptised on 7 May 1809 in Llangarren, Hereford, England, and was married to Eliza, who was born about 1813 in Peterstow, Hereford.  There are eight known children:

Thomas died before 1891 as Eliza was listed as a widow in the 1891 Census


Nelson EVANS

Nelson EVANS, commonly known as Milson in his later years was born about 1837 in Hentland, Hereford.  He married Mary Ann WATKINS on 12 October 1859 at St Woolas Cathedral in Newport, Monmouth.  Mary was born 17 August 1837 in Longford, Gloucester to James WATKINS and Mary MACE.  Nelson died on 16 August 1905 in Wilton Bridstow, Hereford

There are five known children:

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Alfred EVANS

Alfred EVANS was born about 1846 in Hentland, Hereford and married to Sarah WATKINS, who was born about 1845 in Little Birch, Hereford.  Between them, there are five known children:

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William EVANS

William EVANS was born about 1859 in Newport, Monmouth, Wales, and died 29 December 1936 in Abertilley, Monmouth, Wales.

His first wife was Martha.  She was born about 1868 and died between 1891 and 1891.  Between them, they had one child:

William then married Alice EMBRY, daughter of John and Rosa.  Alice was born about 1872 in Monmouth, Wales and died on 29 April 1953 in Abertilley, Monmouth.  They married on 20 October 1895  in the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Monmouth

Between them, they had seven children:

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