Dunmanus Castle, one of thirteen castles on the Mizen Peninsula in Southern Cork, Ireland. This was one of the castles the O'Mahoney's built and were rulers of the area from the 9th century to the 15th century.


This family starts with William MAHONY, who was a labourer, and his wife, Catherine DUNN.  Not much is known about them other than that there is one known son, Michael MAHONY.

Michael MAHONY was born about 1857 and married Bridget HEFFERNAN on 1 March 1878 at the Catholic Chapel of Sollohed in Tipperary, Ireland.  At the time of the wedding, Michael was a Railway Porter living in Limerick Junction, Tipperary.

(St Nicholas, Solohead, Tipperary)

Bridget HEFFERNAN was born about 1860 in Tipperary.  At the time of her marriage she was living at Ryle, Tipperary, Ireland.  Her parents were Michael HEFFERNAN (who was a labourer) and Catherine RYAN.

While they were living in Ireland, they had six children:

Details about their sixth child are not known.

At the time of their emmigration in 1887, shipping records state that the family was living in Kings County, Ireland.  On 12 November 1887, Michael and Bridget, with their five children,  left London, England on the SS Dacca, arriving at Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia on 5 March 1888.  Their first place of residence was in Mount Morgan, Queensland.


(The SS Dacca)


(Note:  There are two different spellings of the surname on this page, MAHONEY, and MAHONY.  All available records relating to the family prior to their depature from Ireland state that the name is spelt MAHONY.  It wasn't until their arrival in Australia that they started spelling it MAHONEY,)

After their arrival in Australia, they did have one more child, Michael MAHONEY, who was born on 15 April 1889 in Rockhampton, Queensland.

Michael MAHONEY (father) died on 20 January 1902 in Queensland from Tuberculosis and was buried the same day in the North Rockhampton Cemetery in Rockhamtpon, Queensland.  His wife Bridget died on 16 February 1908 in Rockhampton during an operation at the hospital and was buried with Michael two days latter.

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Catherine MAHONY

Catherine MAHONEY was born 23 December 1880 at Limerick Junction, Tipperary, Ireland, and with the rest of her family, came to Australia in 1887.

Catherine PAGE (nee MAHONEY)

Catherine married William PAGE on 16 January 1900 in Queensland, and between them, they had nine children (all born Queensland):

Arthur Leslie - born 1900

Ellen Edith - born 1902, died 1972

Mary Edna - born 1903

Albert William - born 1905, died 1954

Samuel Harold - born 1907, died 1970

Edward Michael - born 1910

George Francis - born 1911, died 1912

Thomas Alexander - born 1913

Irene Elizabeth - born 1915, died 2002


Catherine died on 10 January 1974 in Rockhampton, Queensland


Margaret MAHONY

Margaret Marstella MAHONY was born on 15 February 1886 in Fermoy, Cork, Ireland 1886 in Ireland and came to Australia with the rest of her family.

At some time during 1902 or 1903, she started a relationship with John Robert PRICE, who was already married to Minnie CALLAN with nine children.  This relationship resulted in a number of children:

(Clarence Robert MAHONEY

Margaret MAHONEY died on 1 May 1961 in Rockhampton, Queensland and was buried one day latter in the North Rockhampton Cemetery.


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