This family starts out with Daniel PRICE, and his wife Sarah Elizabeth PRINCE, whom were residing in Deptford, Kent around the 1810's.

Daniel was born 28 September 1772, son of Daniel PRICE, and Sarah WALKER.  He first married Charlotte WEEKS on 23 March 1795 at Bloomsbury St George in Middlesex. Charlotte was born around 1777, and died 28 June 1812.

Between them, they had eight children:

  • Lawrence PRICE - born 2 April 1796, died 29 April 1833. Married to Mary, one known child
  • Daniel PRICE - born and died in 1798
  • William PRICE - born around 1799, and belived to have died around 1917
  • Daniel PRICE - born around 1801, died 17 January 1869. He married Matilda CRIIPPS in 1826, and they had 7 children
  • Charles PRICE - born around 1803
  • Robert PRICE - born and died 1805
  • Alfred PRICE - born around 1806, died 31 August 1827
  • Charlotte PRICE - born and died around 1908

About one year after the death of Charlotte, Daniel married Sarah PRINCE on 31 January at St Benek Fink in London. Between them, they had nine children

There are five children that we know off:

  • James Thomas PRICE - born 26 January 1814, baptised at St Paul's, Deptford, Kent on 27 February 1814
  • Sarah Elizabeth PRICE - born 19 March 1816, baptised at St Paul's, Deptoford on 21 April 1816
  • Harriett PRICE - born 14 January 1818, baptised at St Paul's, Deptford on 15 February 1818
  • Martha Charlotte PRICE - born 25 January 1820, baptised at St Paul's, Deptford on 12 March 1820
  • William Cornelius PRICE
  • Robert Henry PRICE  -  baptised 27 January 1823 in London
  • George PRICE  -  baptised 27 December 1924 in Shoreditch, Middlesex
  • Louisa PRICE  -  baptised 25 January 1827 in Cripplegate, London
  • Henry PRICE  -  baptised 5 February 1829 in Cripplegate, London

Daniel PRICE died sometime in the 1840s.


William Cornelius PRICE

William Cornelius PRICE who, like his father Daniel PRICE, was a ships carpenter although the 1851 census lists him as a Dyer. He was born on 19 August 1821, and baptised on 23 September 1821 at St Paul's, Deptford, Kent. And on 25 July 1841, William married Catherine COLLINS at St James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England. It is beleived William died sometime between 1855 and 1861.

Catherine was born about 1823 at St Luke's, Middlesex to Cornelius John COLLINS, a bricklayer.

They seven five children:

  • William Cornelius PRICE was born on 20 June 1842 and baptised on 20 September 1854 in Stepney, Middlesex
  • Johanna PRICE was born on 12 September 1843 and baptised on 20 September 1854 in Stepney, Middlesex
  • Charlotte PRICE was born on 9 February 1846, baptised on 20 September 1854 in Stepney, Middlesex, and had probably died by 1861
  • Alfred PRICE was born on 6 August 1848 and baptised on 20 September 1854 in Stepney, Middlesex
  • LUCY PRICE was born about 1850, and probably had died by the time of the 1851 census.
  • John Robert PRICE
  • Robert PRICE was born about 1856 in Middlesex, England


John Robert PRICE

John Robert PRICE was born on 7 September 1853 and baptised on 4 December 1853 in Stepney, Middlesex. Sometime in the 1870s he emmigrated to Australia and married Minnie CALLAN on 14 December 1876 in Sandridge, Victoria. Minnie was born about 1858 in London, England to Andrew CALLAN, and Elizabeth ROOK.  Minnie died on 23 August 1940 in Townsville, Queensland

While living in Victoria, John and Minnie had five children. These were:

  • Lucy Catherine PRICE was born on 21 December 1878 in Emerald Hill, Victoria and died about 1900 in Queensland. She married Hugh McCARTHY on 12 March 1895 in Queensland.  They had two children, Hugh Leslie (died young) and Irene May.
  • John Henry PRICE was born on 7 February 1880 in Emerald Hill, Victoria and died on 19 February 1900 in Queensland as a result of a horse racing accident. It is known that he did not marry or have any children.
  • William Howard PRICE was born on 7 April 1882 in Emerald Hill, Victoria.
  • Ethol Mary PRICE was born on 15 September 1884 in South Melbourn, Victoria. She married Charles THOMPSON on 21 August 1907 in Queesland, Australia.
  • Maude PRICE was born on 9 November 1886 in South Melbourn, Victoria and died about February 1887 in South Melbourne, Victoria.  She married Charles WATSON on 26 April 1924 in Queensland.

Sometime in the late 1880's/early 1890's they moved to Queensland and had a further four children. These were:

  • Harold Bertram PRICE was born on 6 February 1894 in Queensland.
  • Robert Norman PRICE was born on 11 June 1896 in Rockhampton Queensland. He married Elizabeth LONG on 30 March 1918 in Queensland.
  • Doris May PRICE was born on 12 January 1899 in Rockhampton, Queensland
  • Edna Claire PRICE was born on 24 February 1900 in Rockhampton, Queensland

Sometime around 1902/1903 when John was 50, he started having a relationship with a 17 year old girl, Margaret MAHONY which resulted in ten children.

John's occupations varied over the year, but usually had something to do with furniture dealing or Tobacco dealing. He died on 12 February 1926 in Rockhampton and is buried in the North Rockhampton Cemetery.

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