Hawera Baptist Church

This book was edited and published by myself. However, as this is a comercialy produced book, with copyrights on it, and that some parts of the book were written by other people, (and partly due to the size of the book), it has not been included on this website. All that you will see here is the front and back page.

The book was written for the Hawera Baptist Church 75th Anniversary in 1998, but was not actually finished and published until the beginning of 1999. This is a 72 page book, with a number of black and white photos. However, as I received a number of scanned images in colour, some of which were used in the book, this will explain why the front cover of the book seen below has a colour picture.

For those of you wanting a copy of the book, it has sold out. While most copies are in private hands, a number of copies are available at various libraries in New Zealand.  These are:

Alexander Turnball Library - Wellington

Baptist Historical Society - Auckland

Christchurch Public Library

Hawera Public Library

MacMillan Brown Library - University of Canterbury

National Archives of New Zealand; Wellington; (two copies)

National Library of New Zealand Wellington

University of Auckland

University of Dunedin


Note:  most of these libraries, the book is in the reference section only. Also, the National Library has given the book a Dewey Reference Number of 286.1


Covers to the Books



If you are still interested in a copy, let me know. I am thinking of scanning all the pages from my copy, and putting them onto CD and making copies available that way. This would be similar to what Archives Books do (their website is http://www.archivecdbooks.org/).  Should anyone request this, let me know. Details, such as price etc for this have not been worked out, and won't be unless someone does request a copy this way.



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