Due to other comments, and the increasingly complex nature of research that has been requested of me, I am no longer actively offering lookups for other people.

However, I am still in a position to do lookups and research for people.  Please contact me dthrough my Contact Page

Records that I have access to in Wanganui include the complete New Zealand Birth, Marriage and Death Index up to 1990, the New Zealand Maori Birth, Marriage and Death index for selected years, the New South Wales Birth, Marriage and Death index up to 1900, local newspapers, electoral rolls and various directories.

When making a request, please make it clear what name you want to know more about and a time frame (exact date required for newspapers).


Research Items That I Have Prepared/Written

The following is is detailed reports on what I have so far done for other people.  Just follow the link to see that item:

Hawera Baptist Church 75th Anniversary 1923-1998This book covers a partial history of the church which had its anniversary in 1998.

KFC - The Colonel Sanders Story  The story on the man who started KFC written by request from a number of people I know.

Nukumaru.  This is a brief aritcle covering a partial history on the town of Nukumaru, which is near Wanganui.