Edmund SMART

Edmund SMART was born on 18 September 1831 in Moulton, Northampton and was later baptised there on 8 October 1831. Like the rest of his family, he came to New Zealand in 1850 on the Randolph. His usual occupation was either that of a labourer or of a farmer.

He married his first wife Sarah Jane COX on 3 November 1853 at St Michael's Church in Christchurch.

Sarah Jane COX was baptised on 8 November 1835 in Hardingstone, Northampton, England. She died on 30 January 1870 in Christchurch and was buried three days later in St Peters Church Cemetery in Christchurch.

(In the middle, Edmund SMART, on the right, his daughter Clara Jane SMART, on the left, Clara's daughter Clara Jane PENTECOST and seated in front is Clara PENTECOST's daughter Gladys Clara COOMBES)

Between them, they had six children.

Edmunds second wife was Frances "Fanny" MEEK. They married on 6 August 1873 at the house of Rev C Fraser, minister of St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Christchurch. Frances was born on on 17 August 1829 in Shoreditch, London, England, and died on 20 June 1888 in Christchurch and was later buried in the Addington Cemetery on 24 June 1888. There were no children from this marriage.

(Frances MEEK, Edmund SMART's second wife)

Frances was previously married to William Thomas PENTECOST. Between them, they had nine children. Two of them, the first being Isaac Henry PENTECOST, married Edmund's daughter, Clara Jane SMART, and the second, Frances Sophia PENTECOST, married Edmund's brother Enon.

Edmund married his third wife, Jane Susannah WALKER on 24 April 1899 at the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Christchurch. Jane was born about 1843 and died on 16 November 1918. She was previously married to a Mr UREN.


His brothers and sisters:

Amon - born 1 December 1832
Amos - born 13 February 1834
Amey - born 13 October 1835
Horton - born 22 January 1837
Eliza - born 29 May 1839
Enos - born 23 January 1841
Enon Page - born 9 February 1842
Enoch - born 16 August 1844
Elijah Page - born 16 April 1846
Eli Perkins - born 17 January 1848
William Willson - born 22 March 1850
Emily - born 8 January 1852
George Thomas - born 1 September 1853

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