Emily Smart was born on 8 January 1852 in Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand and was baptised in St Pauls Church in Papanui, Christchurch on 15 February 1852.

She married George DEANS on 21 July 1879 at St Marys Church School in Timaru. George was born on 18 June 1856 in Berwickshire, Scotland and was usually a labourer. He died on 15 November 1930 in Green Island, Dunedin and was buried in the Green Island Cemetery on 18 November 1930.

Emily died on 7 June 1894 in Waimate and was buried in the Old Waimate Cemetery on 10 June 1894.

After the death of Emily, George DEANS married her niece, Sarah Ann ELLIS on 27 July 1910 in Dunedin. There were no children from this marriage.

However, Emily's marriage to George did result in eight children:

  • James Henry SMART was born on 21 July 1874 in Greendale, Canterbury, and died April 1953 in Gore. He married Margaret Graham FENTON on 20 March 1903 in Dunedin. There are four known children
  • Sarah Emily Allison DEANS was born on 14 January 1880 in Waimate and died in Auckland about 1955. She married James Weir McCLEAN about 1905.  There are five known children.
  • William George DEANS was born on 14 July 1883 in Waimate and married Annie THOMAS about 1907. There are no known children from this marriage. William then married Angus Jane DEANS on 21 October 1908 in Dunedin. This marriage resulted in five children
  • Frederick John DEANS was born on 7 June 1885 in Waimate and died on 6 August 1957 in Gore. He married Jessie Grace MILLER about 1908. They had nine child.
  • Flora Isabella Alice DEANS was born on 24 March 1887 in Waimate and died on 5 February 1965 at the hospital in Gore. She married Charles Frederick NEILSON on 10 November 1905 in Gore. They had three children.
  • Ellenor Mary May DEANS was born on 12 October 1889 in Waimate and died on 23 May 1976 in Rangiora. She married Arthur Ernest BERRY on 18 November 1908 in Dunedin. They had seven children.
  • Jessie Maud Mary DEANS was born on 1 May 1891 in Waimate and died on 11 January 1966 in Gore. She married Alexander MILLER about 1910. There ware no known children.
  • Charles Alexander DEANS on 4 May 1894 in Waimate and died on 28 July 1894 in Waimate and was buried in the Waimate Cemetery two days later.


Emily's brothers and sisters:

Edmund - born 18 September 1831
Amon - born 1 December 1832
Amos - born 13 February 1834
Amey - born 13 October 1835
Horton - born 22 January 1837
Eliza - born 29 May 1839
Enos - born 23 January 1841
Enon Page - born 9 February 1842
Enoch - born 16 August 1844
Elijah Page - born 16 April 1846
Eli Perkins - born 17 January 1848
William Willson - born 22 March 1850
George Thomas - born 1 September 1853

Also, Barry PYCROFT, who married a descendant of Emily SMART has his own website which includes part of this family. You can find it at http://www.pycroft.co.nz/

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