Enon Page SMART

Enon was born on 9 February 1842 in Moulton, Northamptonshire, England and was baptised in the same place on 28 March 1842. With the rest of his family, he came to New Zealand on the Randolph in 1850.

Most of his occupations was usually that of a labourer, but in the late 1880s, he did have his own block of land, probably near Heathcote, Christchurch. By 1900, Enon had retired and was living in the city.

During research, one variation of his first name has appeard which is Emon

Enon married Frances Sophia PENTECOST on 9 March 1874 at the St Andrews Presbyterian Church on Tuam Street in Christchurch. Frances was born on 20 October 1853 in Christchurch. She was a nurse and became a Matron at a boarding house in St Asaph Street in Christchurch. France's mother, Frances MEEK married Enon's brother Edmund about one year earlier. Also her brother, Isaac Henry PENTECOST married Enon's neice, Clara Jane SMART. Frances died on 24 June 1944 in Christchurch and is buried in the Addington Cemetery in Christchurch.

They had five children:

His brothers and sisters:

Edmund - born 18 September 1831
Amon - born 1 December 1832
Amos - born 13 February 1834
Amey - born 13 October 1835
Horton - born 22 January 1837
Eliza - born 29 May 1839
Enos - born 23 January 1841
Enoch - born 16 August 1844
Elijah Page - born 16 April 1846
Eli Perkins - born 17 January 1848
William Willson - born 22 March 1850
Emily - born 8 January 1852
George Thomas - born 1 September 1853

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