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Acton Deacon Holmes Marriott Shelly
Anderson Dare Honeyman Marriott Shute
Akers Deans Hopkinson Marriott Simpson
Allington Deans Hosking Marshall Smart
Amyes Deans Howes Matthews Smart
Anne Deans Howes Meek Smart
Arbuckle Dickinson Howes Meek Smart
Ashmore Dorword Howes Miller Smart
Bagot Draper Howes Mills Smart
Bain Dunkinson Howes Moody Smith
Bain Dunn Hulcup Moore Smith
Bain Edgecumbe Hunter Murdock Smith
Baker Edwards Hursfield Murphy Spookes
Baker Ellis Ireland Murphy Stafford
Banks Ellis James Neil Stalker
Barclay Ellis Jelfs Neilson Stephens
Barry Embry Johnson Neilson Stewart
Barry Emerson Jones Newman Struthers
Barnett Evans Kennaway Ottoway Tait
Barwick Evans Kilgour Pagan Tanner
Bates Evans King Page Tate
Bayes Evans Kinsman Page Thorne
Beken Evans Lee Page Thomas
Bennett Fairbairn Lee Page Thompson
Berry Farnsworth Lee Page Thomson
Best Farnsworth Linfern Parker Tipler
Billington Fenton Linkwater Parish Tipler
Bougen Finer Littlewood Patterson Tregoning
Boulding Fitzgerald Loe Pennington Turner
Boulding Ford Long Penticost Turner
Bourn Foreman Lonergan Penticost Turner
Bowie Fulford McCarthy Pettit Uren
Bradford Galbraith McDonald Pickford Wakelin
Bradley Gardyne MacDonald Pope Walker
Brake Goodwin McDougall Price Walker
Brears Goodwin McInnes Price Walker
Brown Gotch MacKenzie Price Wall
Brown Granville MacKenzie Primrose Walsh
Burgess Green McLean Prince Warmole
Burnett Gregan McLennan Protheroe Warren
Calder Greig McIntosh Pycroft Watkins
Calder Greig McIntosh Ralph Watkins
Callan Greig McLeod Redwood Watkins
Callan Greig McMaster Reid Weeks
Caulfield Greig McMaster Revell Welsh
Clyne Greig McMaster Roberts Welsh
Cogan Griffith McMillan Roberts Westwood
Coley Haggarty Mahoney Robinson Whitford
Collins Harris Mahoney Rook Willetts
Collins Harwood Mahoney Rowan Williams
Coombes Heald Mahoney Rutherford Williams
Cowan Hart Mahoney Ryan Willson
Cox Harvey Mahony Sadler Willson
Craddock Heffernan Mahony Schaffer Willson
Craig Hehir Maiden


Cripps Herdman Manning


Cropper Hingston Marriott Sharpin
Daly Hinton Marriott Sheath